Subcommittees comprise RMRI partners, who regularly convene to focus on the work to support and remove barriers across the three RMRI landscapes.


The Governance Subcommittee clarifies the governing structure and processes of RMRI as a whole.

Biomass Utilization

The Biomass Utilization Subcommittee addresses cross-cutting issues and remove barriers related to biomass utilization to help priority landscapes achieve their goals.

Workforce Capacity

The Workforce Capacity Subcommittee develops strategies and approaches that lead to improving workforce capacity across RMRI three landscapes.


The Funding Subcommittee helps solve funding challenges through coordination and creative thinking with other entities, agencies, and organizations if/as needed.


The Communications Subcommittee develops communication materials and tools to track and communicate RMRI successes and messages.

Social License

The Social License Subcommittee researches, identifies and addresses barriers in public perception toward active vegetation management, prescribed fire and private landowner forestry treatments.