Biomass Utilization Subcommittee

The Biomass Utilization Subcommittee is a substantive subcommittee.

The RMRI Biomass Utilization Subcommittee is a substantive subcommittee that seeks to address cross-cutting issues and remove barriers related to biomass utilization to help priority landscapes achieve their goals. The roles and responsibilities of the Biomass Utilization Subcommittee are to:

  • Develop strategies and approaches that lead to improving biomass utilization on the ground.
  • Identify already existing resources on biomass utilization and improve access to them.
  • Research biomass utilization issues to better understand the regulatory and scientific barriers to action.
  • Develop a conference or workshop on biomass utilization.
  • Identifying and addressing policy changes if/as needed.

Biomass Fact Sheet

RMRI brings together public and private landowners to restore, maintain, and enhance the health and resilience of our forest landscapes. To do this, we are mobilizing efforts to address a problem we all share: How to remove and put to use the “woody biomass” on our forest landscapes.


  • Apply for USDA Forest Service grants By Jan. 19: RMRI Partners can submit applications for the $13 million in USDA Forest Service funding opportunities to support market innovation in wood products and wood energy. The deadline is Wednesday, January 19, 2022. There are two types of grants: The Wood Innovations program and the Community Wood program. See a comparison chart here. The grants are designed to develop and expand the use of wood products and strengthen emerging wood energy markets that support sustainable forest management – particularly in areas of high wildfire risk. For more on the grants and instructions on how to apply, visit the Forest Service’s Wood Innovations website.
  • Cross-Boundary Landscape Restoration Workshop: All-lands forest and fire management in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and surrounding states hosted at Colorado State University. Workshop held March 7-10, 2022. More…

Biomass Utilization Workplan

Biomass Utilization WorkPlan – Sept. 28, 2020

Meeting Summaries

Biomass – Nov. 5, 2021

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Biomass Webinars

Biomass Utilization Webinar Resources – July 21, 2020

Governance Charter

The RMRI Governance Charter was ratified June 2020 and is subject to annual review. The Charter outlines RMRI structure and governance.