The Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative

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About The Rocky Mountain Restoration Initative

What is The Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative?

The Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative is a new stakeholder-driven collaborative aimed at increasing the resilience of our forests, habitat, communities, recreation opportunities, and water resources across all lands in the Rocky Mountains. The initiative is taking the groundbreaking approach of tasking a diverse group of partners from Colorado to identify important landscapes, shared interests and potential strategies where a collective effort has the potential to make transformational changes in the health and resiliency of the ecosystem.

Why is The Rocky Mountain Restoration Initiative needed?

We are approaching a critical junction between population growth and wildfires. Catastrophic wildfires are due to a variety of factors, including dense, unhealthy forests and drought coupled with increasingly warmer weather linked to climate change. Increasing population and development in the wildland-urban interface is simultaneously occurring at a time when wildfires are becoming larger and more difficult to control. What started as a forest health problem has now become a critical public health and safety problem.

Shared Values


Many local communities depend on and live within our forested lands, which often bring a tourism economy and create service jobs within the community. Living on and within forested lands defines community identities and provides transportation infrastructure, other industry, and sustainable forest products to communities.

Clean water

Clean water is the source of life for Colorado communities. Healthy forests help to protect, restore and sustain watersheds that provide water for drinking, municipal use, and agriculture. Our arid state is dependent on storage to meet our water needs. Healthy forests benefit from the state’s largest reservoir – Colorado’s high elevation snowpack.

Forests and Wildlife

Colorado’s forests improve the quality of our water, filter pollutants from the air, provide wildlife habitat, and support local economies through sustainable forest products. They also improve our quality of life. Hundreds of studies conclude that there are many mental-health benefits associated with being outside and in nature.

Abundant and healthy wildlife populations are a cultural and ecological treasure. With habitat types ranging from prairies to 14,000–foot peaks, Colorado is home to over 960 wildlife species, from pika to puma and cutthroat trout to crossbills. Wildlife depends on habitat.


Outdoor recreation is synonymous with the “Colorado lifestyle.” Whether you’re a walker, sight-seer, hiker, angler, mountain biker, hunter, photographer, camper or skier, your outdoor lifestyle is improved by healthy forests.

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